Gary Dixon, PhD

Gary Dixon, Kampmann lab

[email protected]
Postdoctoral Fellow


  • PhD, Cell and Developmental Biology – Weill Cornell Medicine, 2021
  • MRes, Systems and Synthetic Biology – Imperial College London, 2012
  • BA, Molecular and Cell Biology – University of California Berkeley, 2011


  • Dixon, G.; Pan, H.; Yang, D.; Rosen, B. P.; Jashari, T.; Verma, N.; Pulecio, J.; Caspi, I.; Lee, K.; Stransky, S.; Glezer, A.; Liu, C.; Rivas, M.; Kumar, R.; Lan, Y.; Torregroza, I.; He, C.; Sidoli, S.; Evans, T.; Elemento, O.; Huangfu, D. QSER1 Protects DNA Methylation Valleys from de Novo Methylation. Science 2021, 372 (6538).
  • Li, Q. V.; Dixon, G.; Verma, N.; Rosen, B. P.; Gordillo, M.; Luo, R.; Xu, C.; Wang, Q.; Soh, C.-L.; Yang, D.; Crespo, M.; Shukla, A.; Xiang, Q.; Dündar, F.; Zumbo, P.; Witkin, M.; Koche, R.; Betel, D.; Chen, S.; Massagué, J.; Garippa, R.; Evans, T.; Beer, M. A.; Huangfu, D. Genome-Scale Screens Identify JNK-JUN Signaling as a Barrier for Pluripotency Exit and Endoderm Differentiation. Nat Genet 2019, 51 (6), 999–1010.
  • Song, R.; Walentek, P.; Sponer, N.; Klimke, A.; Lee, J. S.; Dixon, G.; Harland, R.; Wan, Y.; Lishko, P.; Lize, M.; Kessel, M.; He, L. MiR-34/449 MiRNAs Are Required for Motile Ciliogenesis by Repressing Cp110. Nature 2014, 510 (7503), 115–120.

Honors and Awards

  • Julian R. Rachele Prize, Weill Cornell Medicine, 2021
  • Frank Lappin Horsfall Jr. Fellowship, Weill Cornell Medicine, 2018

Research Interests

In Alzheimer’s disease (AD), cells in the brain can acquire abnormal epigenetic states. We are just beginning to understand the origin and consequence of those molecular changes. Therefore, huge potential exists for discovery and characterization of disease-relevant epigenetic mechanisms within AD. With the help of stem cell models and CRISPR screening, my goal is to uncover drivers and modifiers of these mechanisms, ultimately leading to expansion of therapeutic targets.

Other Interests

My favorite thing is spending time with family and friends, eating, playing games, and generally enjoying the company of the best people in the world (sorry everyone else). I am a lover of nature, Ultimate Frisbee, playing music, and chess!