3D printables

(replace extension with .stl after download)

Gel combs for size fractionation of genomic DNA from pooled screens

  • Gel comb A (1 ladder well, 2 wide wells with narrow separator):
  • Gel comb B (1 ladder well, 2 wide wells with wide separator): 
  • Gel comb C (1 ladder well, 3 wide wells with wide separators): 




Fluorescent reporters for mammalian cells (lentiviral)

  • pMK1163: Integrated stress response (ATF4-5'UTR-Venus-IRES-BFP)

shRNA expression plasmids (lentiviral)

  • pMK1320: library expression, EF1A promoter, tagBFP
  • pMK1209: library expression, SFFV promoter, tagBFP
  • pMH19: library expression, EF1A promoter, mCherry (thanks to Max Horlbeck)
  • pMH20: library expression, SFFV promoter, mCherry (thanks to Max Horlbeck)
  • pMK1200: Double-shRNA vector, EF1A promoter, mCherry
  • pMK1221: Double-shRNA vector, SFFV promoter, mCherry
  • pMK1224: Double-shRNA vector, SFFV promoter, tagBFP
  • pMK1201: Inducible shRNA expression vector (based on pInducer10, thanks to Steve Elledge)

CRISPRi/a plasmids (lentiviral)

  • pMK1315: TRE3G promoter, KRAB-dCas9-P2A-neoR
  • pMK1316: UBC promoter, KRAB-dCas9-P2A-mCherry
  • pMK1321: UBC promoter, dCas9-BFP-KRAB

See also: Weissman lab CRISPRi/a plasmids.