Gokul Ramadoss

Gokul Ramadoss Kampmann Lab

[email protected]
Graduate student, BMS
Joint with the Conklin Lab



  • PhD student in Biomedical Sciences, UCSF
  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley

Previous Research Experience:

  • Schaffer Lab, UC Berkeley. January 2016 – June 2018
    • Engineered biomaterials to enable stem-cell-derived neuron replacement therapy in rodent models of neurodegenerative diseases
    • Tested AAV-mediated CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing in neurons derived from patient iPSCs.

Honors and Awards:

  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship - National Science Foundation, 2019
  • AIChE Senior Award - Berkeley, 2018
  • Genentech Outstanding Student Award - Berkeley, 2017


  1. M.M. Adil, T. Gaj, A.T. Rao, R. Kulkarni, C.M. Fuentes, G.N. Ramadoss, F.K. Ekman, E.W. Miller, D.V. Schaffer.
    "hESC-derived striatal cells generated using a scalable 3D hydrogel promote recovery in a Huntington's disease mouse
    model." Stem Cell Reports (2018).
  2. M.M. Adil, A.T. Rao, G.N. Ramadoss, N.E. Chernavsky, S. Kumar, D.V. Schaffer. “Dopaminergic neurons transplanted
    using a cell-instructive biomaterial rapidly alleviate symptoms in a Parkinson’s disease rat model.” Advanced Functional
    Materials (2018).

Research interests:

I am co-advised by Martin Kampmann and Bruce Conklin, and hope to develop safer and more precise CRISPR tools for therapeutic genetic/epigenetic editing. I'm especially interested in applying these tools to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

Other interests:

Basketball, climbing, soccer, and walking/playing with dogs!