Noam Teyssier

Noam Teyssier, Kampmann lab

[email protected]
Graduate Student, BMI
Joint with Goodarzi Lab



  • PhD Student, UCSF PhD Program in Biological and Medical Informatics (BMI)
  • B.S. Biomolecular Engineering; minor in Bioinformatics, University of California Santa Cruz (2017)



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  • Teyssier NB, Chen A, Duarte EM, Sit R, Greenhouse B, Tessema SK. Optimization of whole-genome sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum from low-density dried blood spot samples. Malar J. 2021 Feb 26;20(1):116. doi: 10.1186/s12936-021-03630-4. PMID: 33637093; PMCID: PMC7912882.
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Research Experience

  • Bioinformatician - EPPICenter (2017-2020)
    The EPPICenter is broadly interested in studying the transmission patterns of infectious diseases from a molecular epidemiology perspective. In my time there I helped develop and optimize multiplexed genotyping of Plasmodium falciparum, whole genome sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum from low density blood spots, and tools for longitudinal genotyping to understand tranismission dynamics of malaria.


Research Interests

Understanding cell-type specific transcriptional regulation is crucial in formulating mechanistic hypotheses of neurodegenerative diseases. I am interested in applying predictive machine learning tools to single-cell CRISPRi/a and drug screens to identify and predict the underlying transcriptional networks that are dysregulated in disease.


Other Interests

Music, Biking, Cooking, Languages