Thomas Dinh Ta

Thomas Ta, Kampmann Lab

[email protected]
CIRM Bridges Research Intern


  • Biotechnology Certificate - City College of San Francisco
  • B.S. in Biology - University of California, Los Angeles

Research Experience:

Scott Baraban Lab - University of California, San Francisco; Neurosurgery Department

Our research was focused on a rare, neurodevelopmental disease called Pretzel Syndrome (PMSE), which causes fatal epilepsy in children. By using CRISPR, our goal was to create a stable zebrafish line that exhibited the STRADA gene mutation, found in patients with PMSE, such that we could identify potential therapeutic candidates to target the affected intracellular pathways.

Research Interests:

I am very interested in the intricately orchestrated intracellular pathways in neurons and glial cells. I am eager to learn how slight changes to this synchrony, such as in neurodegenerative disease, can immensely impact the health of these cell types, and to learn whether or not these changes can be restored or reversed. By using iPSC’s and an in-vivo CRISPR screening method, I hope to shed light on unknown pathways, both in healthy neurons / glial cells, as well as those in disease.

Other Interests:

Small home-improvement projects, animals, spending time with family, trying to learn Vietnamese, now pickleball