Nabeela Ariqat

Nabeela Ariqat, Kampmann lab

[email protected]
PROPEL Scholar and Staff Research Associate



B.S. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology – University of California, Santa Cruz (2021)


Research Experience

  • Lindsay Hinck Lab, UCSC September 2018 - June 2021
    • Investigated the role of the SLIT/ROBO pathway in milk production due to the activation of the DDR. Researched the role of Cyclin E in milk production through the DNA Damage Response pathway. Identified the mechanism regulating binucleation in the mammary gland during pregnancy. Investigating the role of dNTP addition on the DDR pathway linked to milk production in HC11 cells
  • Daniel Jarosz Lab, Stanford University June 2020-June 2021
    • In the Jarosz lab we wanted to assess whether organizing a metabolic pathway via compartmentalization enhances metabolic flux. We used a computational model to examine functions and behaviors across a large range of parameters to understand the function and formation of the multi-enzyme complex, the purinosome.
  • Adina Paytan Lab , UCSC February 2018- May 2018
    • Our aim was to understand silicate weathering rates and how they can be deduced using the systematics isotopes of their weathering products in major rivers. Silicate weathering rates are important because of the major role they play in atmospheric [CO2] sequestration and, consequently, the global climate


Awards and Honors

  • MARC Fellowship, NIH 2019-2021
  • Best Poster Presentation Award, Icahn School of Medicine 2020
  • Dean's Honors, UCSC x12 2018-2021
  • Hahn Estate Scholarship Recipient , UCSC 2018-2021
  • Outstanding Volunteer Recognition Award 2021
  • Strive Scholarship Recipient x2 2019 & 2020



A general interest of mine is also how molecular pathways coordinate with extracellular signals in the context of diseases and how these pathways can be used in therapeutic methods, tissue repair, regenerative medicine, etc.

I love to spend time with my cat suki, go on hikes, and eat ice cream. I also love to binge watch TV shows.