Xiaoyan Guo awarded Hillblom Fellowship

Xiaoyan Guo Kampmann Lab

Dr. Xiaoyan Guo, postdoctoral fellow in the Kampmann lab, was awarded a fellowship by the Larry L. Hillblom Foundation. In her research, Xiaoyan investigates how mitochondria, famously dubbed the “powerhouse of the cell”, adapt to stress. Mitochondrial stress and dysfunction is a hallmark of aging and many neurodegenerative diseases. As a PhD student in Dr. Rene Garcia’s lab, Xiaoyan discovered a mechanism linking mitochondria, aging and behavior in the roundworm C. elegans. She joined the Kampmann lab to leverage CRISPRi and CRISPRa screening, a technology co-developed by Dr. Martin Kampmann at UCSF, to elucidate the mitochondrial stress response in human cells. We currently lack an understanding of the underlying molecular mechanisms. These mechanisms may provide new therapeutic strategies for neurodegeneration and other age-associated diseases.

Congratulations, Xiaoyan!